Rosetta & Philae

Development and ISVV of Onboard software




Independent software validation and verification
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  • Aerospace


    DEVELOPMENT OF real-time
    embedded software FOR
    AEROSPACE and various
    other INDUSTRies.

  • ISVV


    Independent software
    verification & Validation
    for critical systems
    such as satellites.

  • Data compression


    High performance
    lossless compression
    for efficient storage and
    transfer of image data.

  • Angiography


    Medical tele-
    conferencing and remote
    diagnosis system for
    angiography patients.



to a unique high-tech software development company.

Front door and railing of Captec
Our objective is to address a growing market in high-reliability software for critical systems.

CAPTEC is an Irish-owned, high technology company specialising in the production of advanced software for use in Aerospace, Aeronautics, Industrial and Medical Imaging environments.
Experienced in handling major industrial projects, CAPTEC brings to every assignment a work ethic that is in harmony with the culture of its large corporate clients and develops software and systems crafted to meet their individual requirements.

CAPTEC pioneered Independent Software Verification and Validation for the European Space Agency and is now established as a leading European provider in a rapidly expending market applicable to a wide range of industries.
CAPTECís reputation as a preferred provider for software systems, ISVV, image processing technology and applications products is founded on our ability to provide solutions through the development of reliable and innovative products.

Projects we've been involved with  Esa

Partnership on missions with europeans companies

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  • Bepicolombo

    Customer : Astrium GmBH (Airbus Space)

    Developing User Requirement Documents for the Electrical Propulsion System. On-Site Database / Avionics Integration Test support.

  • Solar-Orbiter

    Customer : Astrium UK (Airbus space)

    ISVV for all critical on-board software, in C and assembler language. Validation tests performed using software based SVF.

  • Rosetta & Philae landed in 2014

    Customer : Estec

    On board Eletrical software.

    Customer : Dornier GmbH

    ISVV of the ACC, CDMU and Star Tracker software.

  • Bepicolombo

    Customer : Astrium UK/GmBH

    Create and update URD for the Electrical Propulsion System software. Database / AIT support for Astrium GmBH.

  • Planck

    Customer :LPSC, Grenoble

    Provide Quality Assurance management support, Code Analysis and Development of unit tests for the Planck Sorption Cooler Electronics (PSCE) as part of the LFI and HFI instruments.

  • Rosetta & Philae

    Customer : Estec

    CAPTEC developed the Electrical Support System on Rosetta which manages the interface with the Philae Lander. The ESS software was designed using HOOD and PDL and implemented in C language on an Intel 8086 processor. Acceptance tests were conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Lindau.

  • XMM

    Matra Marconi Space, Bristol

    Developed Operating System and AOCS application in ADA for 1750A platform. Provided subsequent engineering support for system test campaign at Bristol.

    Astrium GmbH

    Implemented an additional safety function to the CDMU OBSW to monitor temperature of Epic p-n CCD from periodic telemetry. Tests were performed in CAPTEC at unit and integration level, then at ESOC on the SVF prior to upload and activation of the patch in December 2001

  • Soho

    Customer : British Aerospace, Bristol

    Developed Operating System for the 1750 and the AOCS Application Software followed by System integration support activities at Bristol. Used HOOD object oriented methodology with ADA for software development of the application with cross compiler supplied by TLD.

  • ISO

    Fokker Space Systems

    Phase B development to provide assistance in software architecture and define the Operating System/Application ICD with the supplier of the 1750 Operating System (SAAB). As subcontractor in Phase C/D, developed the AOCS application software in ADA at CAPTEC followed by support of system testing at Fokker. Post launch defined and implemented a modified version of the application for upload to the satellite to accommodate potential failure of one of the 3 gyros during the mission.

  • Solar-Orbiter

    Customer : Astrium UK (Airbus space)

    ISVV for all on-board software, in C and assembler language. Validation tests performed using software based SVF.

  • Herschel and Planck

    Customer : Thales Alenia Space France

    A full Independent Verification and Validation of the ACC, CDMU and Star Tracker software was conducted. The development platform was ERC32 with C language using a mixture of commercial and open source tools. Validation Tests were performed using a software based SVF. Verification activities included Polyspace analysis of source code.

  • Rosetta

    Customer : Estec

    A full Independent Verification and Validation of the ACC, CDMU and Star Tracker software was conducted. Validation Tests were performed using a SHAM based SVF. A delta ISV was carried out following OBS modifications due to mission modification following comet reselection.

  • Venus Express

    Customer : Astrium SAS

    Performed ISVV on the AOCMS and DMS. Performed analysis of design documentation and code and provided inputs to ongoing project reviews. Conducted final tests at Toulouse on the STB.

  • Mars Express

    Customer : Astrium SAS

    ISVV tasks were performed for the software changes in the modification of the Rosetta software for this mission. Tests were designed and implemented for execution during co-location on the Software Test Bench environment at Toulouse.

  • Huygens probe

    Customer : AerospaTiale

    In an Independent Software validation project, the Software URD was created in co-operation with the prime contractor and the on-board software developed by Logica was subjected to verification and validation. Validation tests were designed and implemented at CAPTEC and executed on the System Integration Test facility at Ottobrun.

  • Bepicolombo

    Customer : Astrium UK/GmBH

    Create and update URD for the Electrical Propulsion System software. Database / AIT support for Astrium GmBH.

  • Herschel

    Customer : ESTEC/IFSI

    Provide coordination of the instrument software development to ensure the progress of the software teams, manage the production and oversee the testing activities.

  • Herschel Planck

    Customer : ESTEC

    Provide Herschel Planck Instrument Software Support to establish an overall status of development for the payload instrument software. Based on the status inventory provide support to define development planning and assist progress monitoring.

  • Proteus

    Customer : Thales Alenia Space

    Provide engineering support for the preparation of the Software User Manual and the analysis of the Startracker Software performance.

  • XMM

    Astrium GmbH

    AIV & launch support. Provide engineering support to the Prime Contractor's team for the integration and test of software on the EM and FM platforms.

  • Hipparcos

    Customer : Matra

    In orbit calibration. CAPTEC participated with Matra in the simulation of the Telescope performance in error conditions due to launch stress and environment conditions in orbit. Prepared SRD for software to be used for correcting observations of star positions due to in-orbit condition of the telescope.